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Quietum Plus is a new dietary supplement to improve hearing health formulated by Patrick Bark.

  • 100% safe and natural ingredients
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Treats hearing related disorders such as tinnitus
  • Nourishes the ear cells and enhancing ear functions
  • Offers healthy inflammatory response
  • Reverses effects of oxidative stress on the cells
  • Enhances mental clarity and functions
quietum Plus supplement

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Quietum Plus Reviews

Quietum Plus Customer review

This product is a miracle!

"I don't know about other people, but at first, Quietum Plus didn't seem to do much for me. I was nearly ready to stop using it. But my husband talked me into staying a little longer. He can wait much longer than I can. I'm so grateful to him because I did what he said and now I feel so much better. The next week, things began to change for me. Now, all of my hearing problems seem to have gone away."

- Jane, New York

Quietum Plus reviews

From the bottom of my heart, thank you! You are the only person who saved my sight. I feel like this is a fresh start for me.

"I was sick and tired of my ears ringing all the time. I thought there was no way out of this problem, so I just decided to live with it. Before I agreed to try Quietum Plus, my best friend Sam had to talk to me a lot. When I started to notice differences, I was surprised. The sound of the ringing got less and less often until it stopped completely. I don't remember the last time I heard that awful sound. I'm happy that I started to use Quietum Plus. I've also done everything I was told to do, which I think has also helped my condition get better. I plan to keep doing that."

- Jack, Texas.

Quietum Plus users

This stuff is a game changer.

"I've been using Quietum Plus for more than three months, and my hearing has gotten a lot better. I have a lot of doubts, so I was sure it wouldn't work. I agreed to try Quietum Plus only to show my friend that he or she was wrong. But it looks like he has shown that I was wrong. My hearing has gotten better enough that I can admit I was wrong.

- Natsha Watkins, Tennessee

about Quietum Plus

What is Quietum Plus?

Quietum Plus Supplement is a dietary supplement that helps your hearing health by using natural herbal extracts from plants. It speeds up the process of hearing and makes your hearing system healthier as a whole. You can take the supplement in the form of capsules. Each capsule has herbs and vitamins that help your hearing. With this effective way to improve your hearing, your life will get better.

Patrick Back makes this supplement because he wants to give people a better quality of life by helping them improve their health with natural remedies. Problems with hearing and health are common today and affect a lot of people. Drugs and hospitals, on the other hand, only treat the symptoms of the disorder.

But Quietum Plus can completely fix your hearing problems and make your life a lot better. It treats the root cause of ear problems by using extracts from plants and herbs. As suggested by the maker, you should take two capsules with each meal.

Benefits of Quietum Plus

One thing that makes Quietum plus tinnitus stand out is that it is a natural supplement for treating ear disease. Some of the harmful chemicals in others on the market have been changed in small ways. Its organic ingredients improve the body's ability to hear in a natural way.

Addresses the cause of Tinnitus. There are many causes, but noise pollution and getting older are the main ones. Quietum Plus has natural ingredients that can stop these and many other things from happening.

Efficacious Ingredients: Each pack of Quietm Plus has a wide range of natural, healthy ingredients like yam, black cohort, blessed thistle, caste tree, and more. All of these work well together to get the best results.

Getting nerves to work better: One of the biggest benefits is that it helps the vestibulocochlear nerve work better. This is the nerve that sends hearing signals to the brain.

Focus:Yes, what you read is correct. Tinnitus can be annoying and make it hard to focus. This is what Quietum Plus is for, and when the ringing stops, focus will come back on its own.

Quietum Plus  Benefit

Quietum Plus Price

Found on the official website, consumers can stock up on up to six bottles in every order. The packages vary with their “per bottle” cost, though users that are willing to order more at once will see the greatest savings.

The website offers:

One bottle for $69

Three bottles for $177 ($59 each)

Six bottles for $294 ($49 each)

Quietum Plus Ingredients

  • Motherwort:

Motherwort is a common ingredient, widely used to treat severe or mild heart problems and prevent consumers from succumbing to heart failure or even irregular heartbeat. In addition to that, it ensures healthy circulation and the communication of neurons in the brain that deal with hearing. Apart from this, Motherwort has also been used to cure hyperthyroidism, reduce flatulence, and maintain the menstrual cycle.

  • Blessed Thistle:

Blessed thistle is one of a kind herb that contains auditory protective properties. This herb primarily protects our ears from any type of oxidative stress such as noise and other disturbances.

  • Oat Grass:

Oat Grass provides the body with avenanthramides, which are antioxidants to improve blood sugar levels and cholesterol buildup. It also reduces the risk of constipation while treating existing issues in the bowels.

This superfood can be consumed within its natural state, but users should allow the plant’s leaves to reach at least six inches tall first.

  • Pacific Kelp:

Pacific kelp, like oat grass, is a powerful antioxidant that protects the body from free radical damage. With the help of manganese and zinc, it enhances blood flow and provides minerals to preserve hearing at its best.

It’s important for consumers to keep an eye on how much Pacific Kelp they consume. Too much iodine consumption might lead to thyroid gland disorders if you consume too much iodine.

  • Hops Extract:

In General, Hops extract is used to relieve stress and offer relief to the mind. In other words, the extract has been commonly used in calming the mind, reducing anxiety and stress, and most importantly promoting sound sleep. As a matter of fact, it has been widely used in the drugs made for treating insomnia. Apart from this, this herbal extract can also help with nervousness, irritability, and other types of elevated nature, like ADHD.

  • Black Cohosh:

Clinically referred to as ‘Actaea Racemosa,’ Black Cohosh has been widely used across Asia, South and North America to prepare various traditional medicines that are known to bolster the human nervous system. In this regard, some studies released by researchers in the West now claim that the plant can help in the faster relay of signals between the ears and brain, thus allowing users to enjoy better hearing. Not only that, but it also helps revitalize the growth of certain aural cells in our hearing canals as well as provides other peripheral benefits such as:

It helps in the faster growth of certain vestibular hair follicles that are known to increase the sensitivity of the human ear to environmental sounds and stimuli.

It helps improve the brain’s overall cognitive capacity.

  • Fenugreek:

Fenugreek is a commonly used spice that is good for blood flow and also helps lower blood sugar levels. It also helps avoid brain tissue inflammation

  • L-Tyrosine:

l-tyrosine in the formula improves the communication of the ears and the brain by improving nerve cell communication

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How Does Quietum Plus Support Tinnitus?

Based on World Health Organisation (WHO) report, in 50% of cases, every individual can avoid hearing loss and impairment just by early detection, management, and prevention. Furthermore, many studies confirmed the fact that tinnitus is not an ear infection but a nerves-related dysfunction. Left untreated, constant ringing in the ear can lead to complete hearing loss.

What Quietum Plus dose is directly related to ear detoxing and health improvement in general. At first, some ingredients work as a team to eliminate the free radicals, toxic pollutants, and oxidative stress. These elements can be harmful to both ears and nerves. The advanced formula cleanses the body and gets rid of contamination.

After that, the next step is for cells to start regenerating, which other ingredients help with that. Reversing damages caused by toxic compounds and injuries usually takes a long time; however, with the help of this supplement, a quick recovery occurs.

Quietum Plus provides speedy healing and starts to repair nerve degenerations, then goes ahead and mitigates different parts of your ear, one by one. This Quietum Plus remedy is also responsible for the anti-inflammatory response that suppresses inflammation and swelling in the brain, ear, and other organs.

Quietum Plus not only aims to resolve ear damage and brain alterations but also offers nutritious food that guarantees healthy and functional hearing in the future.

This Quietum Plus supplement support nerves and brain function, and a better ear/brain connection is expected, which means a faster sending/receiving of messages from one to another. Also, with regular use of this product, you will eventually put an end to annoying symptoms of tinnitus, and your hearing will improve tremendously.

How to Use Quietum Plus Supplement?

You can find the Quietum Pill dosage printed on the bottle for your benefit. As a dietary supplement, adults are recommended to take two capsules daily with a meal. A single bottle of Quietum Plus contains sixty capsules. So one bottle of Quietum Plus will last for a month.

It is ideal to take the capsules in the mornings and on a daily basis to get the best results. Alternative skipping will inadvertently affect the results. So this dosage should be strictly followed for at least three months if you want to see positive results.

Will You See The Results Soon?

You will see effective and long-lasting results in about 3 months. Since there are no chemicals or stimulants that work quickly, it is natural and takes a long time to work.

It is also personal because it depends on things like your body type, your immune system, your hormones, and whether or not you have had any health problems in the past. Hence According to a review of Quitum Plus for tinnitus, it could take up to two months for some people and more than three months for others. Once you start the course, you must be patient and keep going.


Quietum Plus is backed by our no questions asked 100% money back guarantee for 6 days from your original purchase.

Quietum Plus 60  Days money back Guaranty

You have absolutely nothing to risk because you are also covered by our 60 Days "100% Healthy Or Money Back" Guarantee.

If you're unsatisfied for any reason (it's rare but just in case) send us an email in the Members' area, and you'll get a prompt refund, no questions asked. We'll still be friends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How To Use Quietum Plus

Quietum Plus supplement comes with a universal usage manual. You can easily get into the habit of taking it. Each bottle comes with 60 capsules. Take two pills with a glass of water before going to bed.

Quietum Plus Side Effects

Dose Quietum Plus have any side effects? Quietum Plus is contains 100% natural, pure and FDA approved ingredients. so, does not have any side effects. Quietum Plus is a tinnitus supplement that will help you reducing hearing loss and restore your hearing health instead of side effects.

Is Quietum Plus Available on Amazon?

No! For now, Quietum Plus is not up for grabs on Amazon, Walmart, GNC, or any other online platform. You can only get it on the official website of the product. It’s best not to buy it from any other place that claims to sell it as that could potentially be a scam. This Is The Official Website Link to Purchase Quietum Plus

Is Quietum Plus formulated in an FDA-approved facility?

Quietum Plus Juice is formulated in an FDA-inspected and Good Manufacturing Practices compliant facility ensuring quality and standard.

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